Mairghread Huntley

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Resides: Riding of RavensBridge
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Winged Dog Tablet Heraldry Trimmed.png
Vert, a winged dog couchant wings addorsed and on a chief argent three weaving tablets vert
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch
Chronicler Exchequer


Lady Mairghread (Molly) Huntley attended her first SCA event in the Florida Keys (A.S. XXXI) after overhearing "You mean the King and Queen are actually going to make it?!" That piqued her interest and opened her to a vibrant old world.

Years later when brought to Great Northeastern War (A.S. XXXIV) by a group of dear friends did she really fall in love with the SCA and medieval history as a whole, but she didn't dive in fully for a number of years.

Dabbling turned into so much more when the Riding of Ravensbridge started developing into a closer place to play. Since then the hobby took over and became a major part of her life.


Offices & Positions

  • Chronicler, Riding of RavensBridge, Malagentia, East Kingdom, 9/16/14 - 11/16/17
  • Deputy Exchequer, Riding of RavensBridge 11/16/17 - 1/17/19
  • Exchequer, Riding of RavensBridge, 1/17/19 - 11/20/20
  • Quartermaster, Riding of RavensBridge, 7/16/21

Event Staff & Demos

  • Huggin & Munnin A&S Display & Competition Coordinator 2016 & 2018
  • Fort Knox Demo 2014-18
  • Machias Demo 2017
  • Great Falls Balloon Demo 2016 & 2018
  • Ravensbridge Yule A&S Display & Competition Coordinator 2018
  • Great Northeastern War 33 - Merchant Coordinator
  • Great Northeastern War 34 - A&S Display & Competition Coordinator (?)

Classes Taught

  • Basic Tablet Weaving, Panteria, 2016
  • Bring Out Your Looms!, Great Northeastern War 7/9/16
  • History of Tablet Weaving, Barony of Endewearde Schola 5/13/17
  • History of Tablet Weaving (revised), The Hunt (Endewearde) 10/7/18
  • History of Tablet Weaving, Autumn Inspirations 10/20/18
  • Double-Faced Tablet Weaving, Ravensbridge A&S 12/22/18
  • History of Tablet Weaving, Great Northeastern War 30-32
  • Narroworker's Guild Meeting, Great Northeastern War 31-33

More Information

Interests and pursuits include:

  • Narrow Work - Inkle, Sprang, Kumi, Fingerloop, iCord, but especially Tablet Weaving and learning ALL the techniques. Focusing on monochromatic twist-twined, double-face, 3/1 twill, velvet, and brocade techniques.
  • Knitting - Mickel inspired me to retry knitting after 30+ years and I love it. Everything turns into a hat, so I'm working on medieval hats!
  • Spinning - I'm trying each and every fiber I can get my hands on - wool, alpaca, flax, nettle, hemp, cotton, bamboo, kapok, corn, dog, human, etc.
  • Glasswork - Stained glass & lampwork beads.
  • Archery - Specifically crossbow!

Surprises are fine, please contact Aloysius Sartore for scheduling, questions, or general shenanigans. ICOP: A writ is probably best, to make sure everyone who should know can be there.