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circa 2013
circa 2013
Resides: Riding of Gigglewick, Province of Malagentia
Status: Active again
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Argent, in pale a cross couped sable and two torteaux, a bordure embattled sable.
Award & Office Badges


Hello there! I am Lord Magnus Thorvardson (or properly spelled above). First discovered the Society around the time Pennsic 37 would have just ended. Was then living in AEthelmearc, about 2 hours due east of Pennsic. Spent the following year making garb, meeting the locals, building barrel armor, and hitting a few regional events to get ready for Pennsic 38. Thoroughly fell in love. Was active until around 2015 when mundane life brought me to the East. Decided to get back into the SCA in 2022.


I officially play Viking, but never ironed out the persona much beyond that. I think an Icelandic Viking from the turn of the millennium who was part of the first settlement in Vineland is a fun concept.

Offices & Positions

One upon a time, I was a terrible exchequer for the Shire of Hornwood (AEthelmearc) and never turned in a report on time.

Event Staff

I've assisted the Shire of Hornwood (AEthelmearc) with our own events, never as autocrat but helping set up things and hopping on troll for a bit. We had an archery event for a few years that hosted the Crown (during some of the many reigns of then-King Timothy)

Projects & Publications

I have nothing of note to put here, yet. We'll see what kind of projects I can cook up.

In Case of Court

I love surprises. Unless it's Pennsic, I may not be able to travel more than 2-3 hours (one way)

More Information

If anyone recognizes what my device represents, I'd love to hear it. Hint: The cross is not related to Christianity.