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Resides: Stonemarche
Status: Active
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Maebh was born and raised in Stonemarche by Signý Kráka and Guntram Strobel with her siblings, Ishikawa no Yuki'o, Lady Brigit Donn (now in Atlantia), Lauren of Stonemarche, Eirik the Lost, and Rose Le Fey. She has been active with her family off and on throughout her whole life.


Maebh is a middle class woman born in early 16th century Ireland. Born likely before the beginning of King Henry's attack on Irish culture, her name and garb attempt to reflect a Gaelic origin. She is a bookbinder, who time travels significantly in her ventures for the craft. She is a member of Skogens Krogh.

Volunteer Shifts

  • Gate Assistant, Panteria, 05/2023

In Case of Court

I don't mind surprises, but please let my mother Signý Kráka know to make sure I am in court. My pronouns are she/her.

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