Lucan III and Elspeth

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Sovereign: Lucan von Drachenklaue
Consort: Elspeth Keyf of Neddingham
East Kingdom Crown #: 58
Preceded by: Bjorn and Morgen
Succeeded by: Hanse and Moruadh


  • Established the Queen's Honour of Distinction: given by the Queen for any reason She deems worthy, in order to recognize an act, a series of acts, or general behavior that is not already properly recognized by other Kingdom orders and awards. The token of the honor shall be specified in each reign by the Queen, and is fashioned by the Queen's hand. A person may be so honored more than once. Established October 6, AS 31. Renamed as Queen's Award of Esteem on January 25, A.S. 49 by Edward III and Thyra II.





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