Low Company of Gamesters and Gamblers

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Founded: Mid 1990s
Status: Active

Heraldry Nonexistant
  1. A scurrilous bunch of louts and ruffians not to be trusted with cards, dice, or other people's money.
  2. A semi-regular gathering centered in western Carolingia of those with an interest in the game and sport pursuits and pastimes of the past times.
  3. Both.


The Low Company was born somewhere in the mid-90s, when Justin du Coeur said, "Hey, we're having fun reconstructing and doing Cooking and Dance -- why don't we do the same thing with Games?" That turned out to be fun, and we've been erratically getting together to learn and play games ever since.

Much of the design and terminology (including the name of the Company, Justin's title of "Ace", and the fact that it is specifically not a "Guild", because we aren't supposed to be that respectable) came from the late and much-missed Marian of Edwinstowe.


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