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Village of Lochleven Gate
Founded: A.S. XXXIII
Status: Active
Heraldry Description to come
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Lochleven is best known for its large encampment and considerable fighting force at Pennsic. Its members are scattered around the East, but primarily live in and around MA.


Concidere aratra in gladios est tempus (It's time we turned our plowshares into swords)


Founded at Pennsic XXVII and Chartered in Carolingia at Legends of Chivalry VI on 09/14/2001 the Village of Lochleven is situated in the lowlands of Scotland, temptingly close to the fat herds of sheep the English are foolish enough to think they own. The land underneath the Village has changed crowns several times. This does not matter so much to the residents who cheerfully do homage to whoever thinks they claim to possess their land that year.

There is no head of Lochleven or clan leader. The household is content to allow the rest of the society to think that Duke Edward Grey is the English Overlord of the Village, although Duke Edward is painfully aware that he is Not In Charge. Instead the household governs itself much like an anarcho-syndicalist commune, and sometimes like an autonomous collective depending on their mood.

A warlike, reiving sort of people, Lochleven is known for fielding a respectable fighting force, which is how most of the East Kingdom knows them. However, the Arts & Sciences and Service unto the society are highly valued in the household, as is the less well known art of creating Schtick.

Suspected of passing off stolen sheep as Barony tribute, kidnapping Mr Pirate Potato Heads, sacrificing of watermelons on Briget’s day and excessive weeping and wailing of mourning women at the Sustained Death Tourney, the true depths of Schtick that Lochleven brings to the society will never fully be known; they mostly practice their craft anonymously and in the dark of night. Requests to add Schtick to court, ritual or battlefields can be fielded through the Village Mouthpiece, Meggie inghean Lachlainn.


In Memorium

Sister Households


The Army

The Army attended it’s first Pennsic (XXVII) with 8 fighters. Known for their group cohesion and their unpretentious uniforms, at first other members of the Northern Army complained that they could not tell the Army’s individual members apart (“My God, it’s like fighting China!”).

Originally mercenaries under the pay of Squire Billy Fish for Duchy Von Drachenklaue, the Army now fights for love of the Northern Army, forming a principal part of 2nd Banda, 2nd Division. It has distinguished itself by producing 8 members of the Eastern Chivalry, several more OTC's, and an ongoing list of new recruits. It was awarded Blue Tyger Legion at Pennsic XXXII, 08/14/2003.

Blue Tyger Legion

The army is currently made up Villagers and Household Lochleven, and members of House Darostur. The position of War Chief rotates around among the unit commanders to give interested parties a taste of command. Currently the War Chief is Duke Edward Grey. The Army prides itself on creating a welcoming unit for men and women to learn the art of heavy list fighting. The army is always accepting new recruits and other fighters at loose ends who are willing to follow orders and show up to battles on time. At Pennsic XXX the Army fielded 30 fighters and a scout. Troop strength at Pennsic XXXVII was 19. 5 of the original 8 warriors still fight in its ranks.

The army of Lochleven has expanded to include a small but fierce group of Fencers. Troop strength at Pennsic XXXIV was 12. The Lochleven Rapier Army is more focused on group tactics and maneuvers than individual accomplishment, although 5 Lochleven fencers participated in King's and Queen's Rapier Champions in AS XLIV.

The Village

The Village of Lochleven, as distinct from the Household Lochleven, is made up of anyone who camps with the Household at Pennsic. All Villagers are encouraged to wear the blue and green and to try out any and all activities of the Society. Some Villagers only ever come to Pennsic, some are the spouses of Household members who don't really play in the SCA but like to go camping with us. Some Villagers are the children of household members and some are just trying this SCA thing out and need a welcoming place to do so. New members of the Household are drawn from the Villagers who decide to commit to participating fully in the society.

Villagers are encouraged to speak in outrageous Scottish accents. All are considered family.

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