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Photo by Ursus (Tim Tyson) Pennsic 2017 Woad by Simone Parrish
Resides: Barony Concordia of the Snows
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Baroness Leyli Shirazi has been active in the Kingdom of Meridies since the late 90s. She has been an authorized and active fighter since 2002. Leyli moved to the East Kingdom in the Fall of 2016 and currently resides in Concordia of the Snows. In the East, she is a member of the Orders of the Silver Tiger, Silver Brooch, Troubador and former Sovereign's Bardic Champion.

Leyli is a heavy fighter who primarily focuses on melee fighting more than tourney fighting these days, but a love of tourney fighting runs deep and will never truly falter. At Fool's War 2014, she was inducted into the Legion of the Bear in Meridies and was honored to serve as Queens Champion during the Spring reign of 2015 for her Majesty, Emelyne.

LeyliArmor.jpg Photo by Ursus/Tim Tyson Gulf War 2017

She is a great lover of all things art and is a seamstress, leatherworker, armorer, shoemaker, woodworker and budding potter and occasional war bard. She received her court barony in 2013 primarily for being garb coordinator and squire retinue at large for their Majesties Ulrich and Katerina Von Branderburg. She was inducted into the Order of the Velvet Owl in 2016 for skills in the arts.

Leyli is also a member of the Compostella or Pilgrim's Order. She and her dear friend Elizabeth Rae Fen were both inducted into this order in 2016 after they spent a year on their "Squires of the Apocalypse Known World Tour". The duo (using the moniker of Meridian Mayhem) managed to attend 14 wars in just over 12 months, spanning 12 states, 10 Kingdoms, countless new friendships and many wonderful and unforgettable stories. This pilgrimage was in many ways life-changing and cemented friendships and alliances the Known World over.

MeridianMayhem.jpg Elizabeth Rae Fen and Leyli Shirazi A.K.A. Meridian Mayhem (now Mayhem without Borders)

Other awards that Leyli has received can be found in the Meridies Order of Precedence [[1]]


Leyli squired to Sir Ulrich Von Brandenburg of Meridies in 2007 and as such is part of his household, Haus Sablehound. Haus Sablehound is known for doing things, fighting, and speaking truth to bullshit.

Haus Sablehound is part of a greater household, Gewaulthaufen. Gewaulthaufen is also based in Meridies and is a large household known for being very diverse. We are fighters (really a lot of fighters!), artists, cooks, leaders, doers and hard workers. We have many peers of the Knight, Pelican and Laurel persuasions. We have a great time together and generally treat each other as family. Except for poor Cisco, whom we treat terribly. But he knows we love him anyway.

Leyli is also part of Clanne Preachain. Preachain is a non-peer led inter-kingdom group that operates more like a tribe than an SCA household. We generally camp together at Pennsic and are known for having a beautiful camp, which we strive to keep as period as possible, and for being a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Our hobbies include warring, making beautiful things, eating great food, drinking, singing, being loud, laughing a lot and hating the Romans. (except for Sir Gnaeus, our token Roman good guy)


Leyli Shirazi is a Persian name and technically a 12th Century Persian persona. That being said, Leyli is pretty hard pressed to stick with one thing and tends to often dress as a 1st century Celt or whatever else strikes her fancy at the time.

Offices & Positions

Chatelaine, Shire of Rising Stone, Kingdom of Meridies, 2010-2013. Leyli has served as primary retinue for many Meridian Royals and has been pinch hitter for several out of Kingdom Royals as well. Skills include not losing the people with the shiny hats, schlepping heavy things, setting up thrones and pavilions, recognizing and acting upon rescue signals, standing for long hours in court and refilling beverages. Also trained in emergency epi-penning of royalty and regrettable but necessary regicide.

Projects & Publications

Leyli makes stuff...lots of stuff. So much stuff that I forget what all I've made. Clothes, tents, armor, shoes, pottery, jewelry and lots of other stuff. Maybe I should make a list. But that sounds like a lot of work.

In Case of Court

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