Lay of Thorvald

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Written by Toki Redbeard in drottkvaett. Performed upon the stepping-down of Thorvald and Svava at the Coronation of Gaufred Kelson II and Geneviere II in A. S. 39.

Eye-rain flows, falling swiftly.
Somber hall, salty tear-stained.
Eastern throne, Thorvald’s high bench
Seen by orbs empty-sitting.

Some wonder why such crying.
Speak then words speak them clearly.
In this hall hear king’s praises
Do not let lauding falter.

Tree of fire of Tearlach’s forge
lets his keel cut the swan-road.
Land-getter looking homeward.
North awaits noble ruler.

Fair he is, fearsome also.
Golden haired, hewing byrnies.
Odin blessed, battle ready.
Fighting hard, feeding ravens.

Distance not, nor death take him
save to high halls of Odin.
Thorson king, come the next day,
years untold, you are my king.

Great leader gave the shining
river flame, rich despiser
of bright gold giving arm-wealth,
breaking coils, bringing word-fame.

Wise this king, warrior ruling
ancient realm, Eastern Kingdom.
Not one day did he squander,
knowing kings’ crowns are fickle.

Eastmen know elder verses,
Know their crown never lingers;
one man crowned as king will last
only two Eastern seasons.

Every reign ends too quickly,
thus brave king’s bow points Northward.
Norns will fate the fall of kings.
Thrud of doom thwarts whom she will.

Thus we knew that his moving
day would come— came it swiftly.
Thorson king, come the next day,
years untold, you are my king.

© Michael Dixon