Lausavisur for the Rogues of Sherwood

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Written by Toki Redbeard in Spring of A.S. 41. This was a poem commissioned by the Rogues of Sherwood to honor the Rogues of Sherwood. The verse form is kvithuhattr.

Green the runes Rogues bear proudly,
Green will mark mercenaries.
Macsen's folk, murderous bowmen,
darken skies when darts are loosed.

Bow strings hum, by heroes pluck'd.
Flight-swifts speed past flexing curves.
Shaft-quicks fletched, shooting skyward.
Spikes seek shirts spears cannot reach.

Men with bows and mirthful songs,
feast they with fine humming ale.
Source unknown, sausage also;
victuals for vicious troop.

Buttes are lined with lethal mates,
practiced well with points and elms.
Fields are piled with fallen men;
hired spikes have split their coats.

Bows for rent; Rogues of Sherwood.
Eager they to aid your cause.
Free-booters, fair in pricing.
Reasoned terms rarely refused.

© Michael Dixon