Lausavisur for the King's Bard Competition

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Written by Toki Redbeard in drottkvaett for the King and Queen’s Bard Competition in February, A.S. 40
Scribed upon the scroll of King’s Bard, Chiara da Montepulciano.

Warmly this hall welcomes
wordsmiths, all verse-girded.
For lyre, spurning spear-fight,
splendid king hears singing.
Blood-drink brushed aside for
bold deed-words and mead-horns
Shared at Tribune’s table,
tales from Odin’s ale-cart.

The wise will weave praises…
Wolf’s-foe mead is flowing.
Bread, gold-foe will break with
bards set to test mettle.
Name earned by horn-foaming;
from the king a ring-gift.
For fame, kennings clamour.
…for king, the harps ringing

Bright, one bard rewarded,
bailing dwarven ale-droughts.
One, the glory winning,
one, in blaze of praises
King does call this song-skald,
Culled from lore-smith’s forest.
Grasp your wyrd from word-friend.
We, your ring, are bringing.

© Michael Dixon