Lausavisur for Saint Robert

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Written by Grim the Skald for King and Queen’s Bardic A.S. 47, held at the Queen’s Meadhall in Carolingia. The King and Queen had asked for something about “Saint Robert,” who had been executed the year prior for the failure of Lochleven to pay their taxes
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Time of taxes came to
trusty Carolingia --
brash Baron demanded
bah-bah calling livestock.
Righteously then Robert
roared against this sheep-toll;
painful price was made to
pay that day of horror.

Youthful hero had a
heady plan that day and
stealthy stole wool bearers
straight from tax-years prior.
Fast a brand was fashioned
fine sheep back were gifted --
Alas too late to save the
lord who spoke so bravely.

Remember good Robert!
Raise a glass to toast him --
Great his gift of courage,
gave his life for household.

© Dan Marsh