Lausavisur for Grim the Skald

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Written by Toki Redbeard in drottkvaett. In July, A.S. 41 at Northern Region War Camp, Grim the Skald was inducted into the Order of the Maunche. This was Incorporated in the Order of the Manche folio for him.

Grimly gone to battle
gripping spear in tumult. [1]
Orbs[2] of rhymester eager,
Odin’s storm[3] retelling.
Stories drawing deeply
of dwarven vat’s liquid.[4]
Speaks he, wiping spear-point,
speechful from son’s contents.

Brion the ring-breaker[5]
And bright East-elm[6] Anna,
Grim the skald are giving
great and well-earned honor.
He will be sleeve’s holder,[7]
hirthsman[8] of its order.
Done where war was waged at
Waterfall of Valley.[9]

© Michael Dixon


  1. battle
  2. eyes
  3. battle
  4. The mead of poetry
  5. A generous king breaks rings from spirals of gold
  6. People can be frequently referred to as trees in Norse poetry, elms specifically women.
  7. The symbol of the order of the Maunche is a sleeve
  8. A "hirth" is a king's retinue
  9. The Shire of Glenn Linn