Lausavisur for Aneleda Falconbridge

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Written by Grim the Skald after witnessing the bridge battle at Pennsic 42, where Aneleda Falconbridge, the King’s Bard, fought and managed to raise the flag on one of the bridges, signaling the East had taken it.

Gold-Sashed[1] Gerð[2]-of-East-Realm
gave both voice and spear arm –
followed fur-clad bear sarks[3] in fierce bridge blade strife.[4]
Tuchux direly drove the
dragon back with blade-charge,
Lucan’s bard[5] then brought up
bridge’s flag of triumph.

There is a poster of the poem and the battle scene here.[1]

© Dan Marsh


  1. The regalia for the King's Bard is a gold sash with three purple clarions
  2. This is the name of a goddess. In Norse Poetry, any goddess can stand in for a woman
  3. Bear-sark (bear shirt) is the origin for the word for "Berserker." Here, it indicates Tuchux.
  4. A kenning for "battle."
  5. Aneleda was Lucan's bard at the time.