Laurena Mouchot

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'Ware The Needle of Laurena, as ye would the Threads of Fate!

Resides: Shire of Caer Adamant
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per fess gules and argent, three bees Or and a rose proper

Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel CourtBarony


Harken ye, if ye have not yet encountered the beguiling Baroness Laurena Mouchot. Though her repute begins in 1350, Metz France, her travels have toured her through lands both strange and familiar. If your time in Society is long and storied, think back through the Mists and consider you may well have met Laurena Mouchot in some guise.

Her glamours are infamous and widespread. By her own reckoning, she has resided in thus far:

Nith Guaard, Principality of Aethelmarc - 1986-1991

Weskkingdom (San Fancisco, CA) - 1991-1992

Nith Guaard, Principality of Aethelmarc - 1992-1997

Gleann Abhann, Shire of Ardanroe (Shreveport, LA) - 1997-1998

Mildenhall, Kingdom of Drachenwald, (UK/GB) - 1998-2000

Barony of Storvik, Kingdom of Atlantia (Andrews AFB, MD) - 2000-2005

Shire Vielburgen, Kingdom of Drachenwald (Kaisers Laughtern, Germany) - 2005-2008

"Mistress of Children, Chatelaine, Webminister, A&S Minister

Shire of Caer Adamant, Kingdom of the East - 2008-present

Chatelaine, Doer of Stuff That Needs Done

If ye have not yet seen how the Baroness Laurena bewitches, know well her glamour is manifold as the garments those around you wear. She is bright and swift with the needle, her measurements sure and true, her eye for color so discerning that the sunrise inquires on her opinion for special occasions. Fortunate are those who don the fine garb that lightly falls from her skilled hands!

Rumor abounds she hath clothed every member of royalty for the East Kingdom since Known Time began.

May we attest in this case, the truth be wyrder than fiction! With diligence and patience, Baroness Laurena envisioned the garments of kings and queens of yesteryear through precise miniatures treasured and hidden by the Fine Folk of The Dream. With these miniatures, she and a cavalcade of other talented and dedicated needlesmiths did construct doll-like mannequins and fit them with garments like unto those worn during the reigns of our Kings and Queens. The resemblance in fashion is uncanny! So cunningly that these charms were woven, royal guards must assure that any current Royalty has not been replaced with changelings.

Would that you desire to encounter this vision of silks and smiles, know that the thread of Baroness Laurena's travels are routinely drawn to Revenge of the Stitch wherein she and her closest companions "We Drink and We Sew Things" attend and compete until their hems are straight and nerves are frayed. Visit her well and appreciate the gift of Baroness Laurena's wit and wisdom. When not at toil, Baroness Laurena favors gardening, reading, and the occasional hafla.

Should you be so bold to offer this luminous Baroness a place at your table, know well that Baroness Laurena cannot consume red peppers (or any capsaicin at all), but favors sweet wines, meads, and ciders (as well the occasional amaretto sour). Those in good taste would find no welcomer company!

In her most recent adventures, the Baroness Laurena has become the student of Etheldreda Yvelchylde, for there is no greater challenge and mystery than to seek and grow beyond what one already believes they know!

Current Offices & Positions

  • Shire of Caer Adamant Chatelaine
  • Deputy Guild Mistress for Southern Region Soothsayers Guild (Journeyman)
  • Order of the Silver Wheel (inducted 01/2018)

Other Activities and Projects

  • Coordinated the East Kingdom Doll Project for East Kingdom 50 Year
  • Coordinating the Queen's Gown Project; Caer Adamant for Queen Margarita's Bardic Championship 2020

Mystic Rites & Spells

A Cantrip To Bring the Baroness to Court:

1. Choose one of these two individuals

2. Open a Wondrous Box or Magical Tablet

  • special note: requires access to the World Wide Web

3 Compose a Missive of Light and Darkness

  • (Lady Elisabeta)
  • (Chad)

A Minor Summoning Missive

The mystery Baroness piques the interest of many a curiosity seeker and student. Should you wish to pay your respects, the Baroness Laurena can be contacted thus


Past Offices & Positions Held

Shire Vielburgen, Kingdom of Drachenwald (Kaiserslautern, Germany) - 2005-2008 Mistress of Children, Chatelaine, Webminister, A&S Minister