Ladies of the Rose Tournament

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This yearly Tournament is modeled after the Ladies of the Rose Tournaments in Atlantia and in other parts of the Knowne World where teams of Heavy List and Rapier fighters participate in tournaments to accrue points for the Rose that they represent.

Founded by the joint effort of Duchess Anna, Duchess Aikaterine, Duchess Katherine, Countess Marguerite and OTHERs. Their stated purpose was to revive the art of formal tournaments in the East, which can be very focused on melee fighting and Pennsic War. Additionally, with the focus on having the bulk of the team made up of up and coming talent, the Roses desired for more experienced fighters to train others in tournament mindset. Finally it is an opportunity for the pageantry, courtesy and other chivalric virtues to be actively displayed.

The first East Kingdom Ladies of the Rose Tournament of the modern era was held on 09/20/2014. Each Rose had a 7 person team; 3 Rapier fighters, 3 Heavy List fighters and 1 Herald. Future Ladies of the Rose Tournament will have expanded teams and more teams so that all who wish to attend can participate.

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