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La Familia Gladiatoria gathers together during a respite in the plague of A.S. LVI.
Founded: 1994
Status: Active
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The Gorgon of La Familia Gladiatoria
Award Badges


"Totus Culus Aut Nulus Culus"

"All ass or no ass." The motto of La Familia Gladiatoria. Be thou not half-assed.

La Familia Gladiatoria is a household primarily comprised of members from the East Kingdom and the West Kingdom. It was founded by Viscount Sir Ajax Thermopylokles, formerly of the East, and now of the West. A collection of Ancient personae coming together annually at the Pennsic War, the household has grown into a vibrant community of doers, Fighters, artists, teachers, cooks, and great speakers; La Familia emphasizes doing all things well, while creating an aesthetically pleasing experience with style and humor.

Conatcts: Ceòl of Glenwood, Idris, Sir Cassius Pontianus, Viscount Sir Ajax Thermopylokles.


La Familia Gladiatoria was founded in 1994 at Pennsic, by Ajax and some goons on a spit of land by The Lake, when it was still considered toxic waste and no one wanted to camp there. At some point there was an elephant, and about that time, The Goons got cleaned up, The Lake got cleaned up, and The Ladies decided it was safe for cohabitation. Thereafter, Caius Temple-Builder and Ajax Temple-Payer constructed a Temple to Aphrodite-Nike, and La Familia Gladiatoria started looking like a proper and, quite potentially, respectable household.

La Familia Gladiatoria has historically hosted Nisaa's annual Turkish Bath Class and the Turkish Dessert Pre-Party at Pennsic. It also hosts the final burning of the Viking Ship at Pennsic in the memory of those we have lost over the last year.

In more recent times, many fighters of La Familia Gladiatoria have been chosen to Run with Scissors, the elite harrier unit of the East Kingdom, La Familia fields up to two bandas in the Northern Army, usually in the Third Division.

Awards and Honors

Eastern Awards: THL Nissa was awarded the Consorts order of Courtesy. Many of the household fighters have entered into the esteemed orders of The Chivalry, Tyger Combatant, and Silver Tyger, as well as several being inducted into the Order of the Troubadours for their drumming talents, which have been featured at Their Majesties' request during the Pennsic opening ceremonies for Pennsic XLVI, XLVII, and XLVIII.

Out of Kingdom Awards: Notably Captain Ulfr Hofhorr was the first member of the Eastern Populace ever to receive the mid realm award of high merit for martial prowess - The Order of the Gold Mace, and our founder Ajax was the recipient of the Award of the Dragons Tooth


Viscount Sir Ajax Thermopylokles, Viscountess Mistress Üta Kathrina Felhamer, THL Sitt an-Nisā' al-Karāhisariya (west kingdom), THL Sitt an-Nisā' al-Karāhisariya (east kingdom wiki), Sir Cassius Pontianus, Dottore Caius Ignatius Pontianus, Baroness THL Timbrien, THL Captain Ulfr Hofhorr, SirPandarus, THL Ceòl of Glenwood, Cassian, Lord Aidan, Lady Franqueite du Grandchamp, Lord Ioannes Valerius Severus, Korina, Lord Crixus, Cratus, Idris, Anya, Camillius, Landis, THL Marcus Atillius Pansa, Brutus, Lord Perseus, Lady [Caccia Trice Stenone]], Lady Zarya Gorgoniya, Thordis Hamrama Gargan, Lady Astraea, Lady Artemis, Antonious, Mistress Leda Zipyos, Lord Antonius Gracchus, (More to come...)

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