Kvithuhattr for Thora Sharptooth

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Written in Kvithuhattr by Toki Redbeard. This poem was adapted for use as Mistress Thora’s Court Barony Scroll, granted at Hrim Schola by King Thorvald (“Thorson”) and Queen Svava.

Thorson King comes on swan-road.
Svava Queen she sails with him.
Danelaw Hall their host now plays.
Dofn’s stead stands welcoming.

To this stead steer the dragons.
Over sea Eastmen travel,
welcomed by wife of Dofinn,
birch of thought, Thora Sharptooth.

Crossing foam, come her houseguests,
seeking out subtle lessons.
Far-sighted, famous teacher.
Poet’s share passed to students.

Eastern king and eager ceorls
look to her, learn her teachings.
Cloth she knows, cooking also.
Without peer, wisdom Northern.

Bright she shines in buhr-gate seat,
holds she forth in hall of King,
speaks she there in special task.
Thora thus thegn-right worthy.

© Michael Dixon