Kingdom Seneschal

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The Kingdom Seneschal acts as advisor in the legal and governmental activities of the Crown and subjects of the Kingdom. Acts as the chief coordinating Officer of the Kingdom in fulfilling the reporting function to the Society Seneschal and the Board of Directors. And is responsible for coordinating Curia Regis and maintaining the current version of East Kingdom Law.

Seneschals of the East Kingdom

Name Start Date
Walter of Greenwalls & Elfrida of Greenwalls May 19, 1968
Rakkurai of Kamakura November 9, 1969
El of the Two Knives February 9, 1971
William de Montegilt January 1977
Melisande de Belvoir February 1979
Geoffrey d'Ayr Montalban February 1981
Jaelle of Armida (acting) September 1982
Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd November 1982
Alric Bowbreaker of the High March May 1984
Aidan ni Leir August 1986
Oswald von dem Grünwald August 1990
Sedalia MacNare September 1991
Lawrence Thornguard September 1993
Frydherik Eysenkopf September 1994
Rhiannon the Curious May 1995
Beowulf Wyrmcleaw tha Meerstapa October 1997
Lawrence Thornguard June 1998
G. Emerson True November 1998
Katherine Barr of Cumberland October 2002
Edward Zifran of Gendy October 2005
Phillip Reed January 2009
Hedewigis Ockenfüßin December 2011
Mercedes de Calafia November 2013
Katherine Barr of Cumberland October 2017
Medhbh inghean ui Cheallaigh October 2019
Audrye Beneyt April 2022

Officers of the East Kingdom
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Officer Groups: College of Heralds, Pikestaff, University, War College
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