Kingdom Exchequer

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The Chancellors of the Exchequer

Chancellors of the Exchequer of the East Kingdom

Name Start Date
El of the Two Knives February 10, 1969
Wilhelm of Bothnia October 1972
Voung Manh April 1976
Michaele del Vega May 1981
Morgan MacLeod of Dunvegan July 1982
Ian of Clan Mitchell August 1984
Wanda von Halsstern August 1986
Christopher Darras May 1987
Giceline de Molay July 1989
Robert Fitz Engerand de Barfleur July 1993
Elisheva bas Yehuda April 1995
William FitzBubba May 1999
Elisheva bas Yehuda October 2001
AElfgeorn Harbeard August 2004
Molly inghean ui Raighallaigh December 9, 2006
Michel Wolffauer June 19, 2010
Ignatia la Ciega June 27, 2014
Hugh Tauerner 2017
Mikjáll bogmaðr January 27, 2019
Arlyana van Wyck November, 2023

Officers of the East Kingdom
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Officer Groups: College of Heralds, Pikestaff, University, War College
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