Sovereign's and Consort's Bardic Champions

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Founded: 1977


Chosen each year at a competition. They are charged with commemorating the history of the Crowns and the kingdom in song and story, furthering the practice of the bardic arts in the kingdom, serving as members of the royal household, and setting up and supervising the competition to choose their successors. The Sovereign's's Bard wears a gold baldric with three purple clarions; the Consort's Bard wears a gold baldric with three purple clarions below a purple rose. They formerly held the honorary position of Ollaves in the now-defunct Royal College of Bards (the highest of three rankings -- one clarion per rank), and now automatically become voting members of the College of Performers. The positions of King's and Queen's Bard were added to kingdom law on February 3, A.S. 24, in the reign of Horic and Lea, although Queen's Bard dates at least as far back as the reign of Gavin I and Tamera, and the first King's Bard may have been made around A.S. 16-17. The positions were formally renamed in September 2018 to Sovereign's and Consort's Champions.

Current Champions

Taliesin Peregrinator, Sovereign's Champion

Estgar æt Hrofecaestre, Consort's Champion


(Fieldless) A tyger rampant azure maintaining a clarion Or.


Lineage of Bards

Sovereign's Bard Consort's Bard Year
Alaric Bowbreaker unknown 1977
unknown Daedra MacBeth a Gryphon 1980
unknown Charlotte of the Misty Hills (now called Mistress Roen Dentilliere de la Voile Rouge) 1980
unknown Dorigen of the Grey Gate 1981
Ergard Joelson unknown 1982
Arianna of Wynthrope Mairi Rhianna nam Beanntan 1983
Andrew MacRobb Morgan Caer Graeme 1985
Edward Dragonslayer Siubhan ni Coinneach 1986
unknown unknown 1987
Malachia de la Ciel Brendan the Harper 1988
Ellisif Flakkari Nairene 1989
unknown unknown 1990
unknown unknown 1991
John Lyttleton Morwynna Cryw 1992
Anne of Framlingham Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson 1993
Seonaid a Lochbuie Arden of Icomb 1994
Anne of Framlingham Fiana of Clare 1995
Linette de Gallardon Isabeau d’Orleans 1996
Ruaraidh an Cu Denkwert Maccabee Bathory 1997
Aleksandr Yevsha Failtigearna ingen uí Artáin 1998
Morwenna Westerne Linette de Gallardon 1999
Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg (“Fum”) Aurelia du Vrai Coeur 2000
Dorigen of the Grey Gate Gerilyn Fjorden and Dubbeasa 2001
Arianrhod of Caron Morwenna Westerne 2002
Ana Ravaya de Guzmán Fiana of Clare 2003
Arden of Icomb Siobhan ni Dhonnabain 2004
Toki Redbeard Alayne Alexandra Nyvern, Nightwatcher 2004
Chiara da Montepulciano Arden of Icomb 2006
Grim the Skald Linette de Gallardon 2007
Tiberius Iulius Rufus Ana Ravaya de Guzmán 2008
Toki Redbeard Judith the Uncertain 2009
Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige Grim the Skald 2010
Aneleda Falconbridge Jean De Montagne 2011
Linette de Gallardon Marion Quyn 2012
Grim the Skald Lucien de Pontivy 2013
Martyn de Halliwell Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige 2014
Ysemay Sterlyng William the Alchemist 2015
Aethelflied of Mercia Known as Brewbane Alys Mackyntoich 2016
Chatricam Meghanta (a.k.a.Marguerite Ingen Lachlainn) Sabine de Kerbriant 2017
Juliana Bird Geoffrey of Exeter 2018
Sovereign's Champion Consort's Champion Year
Margreþa La Fauvelle Laila al-Sanna' al-Andalusiyya 2019
Grim the Skald Drake Oranwood 2020
David Anthony Agnes Marie de Calais 2021
Leyli Shirazi Solveig Bjarnardottir 2022
Taliesin Peregrinator Estgar æt Hrofecaestre 2023

Sovereign's Champions

Consort's Champions