Kiersten of Bergental

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Lady Kirstinn, c. 2008
Resides: Franklin Co, MA
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Lozengy gules and ermine, a bend sinister cotised azure
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Kirstinn Gunnarsdotter of Bergental

Kiersten first began playing SCA in 1984 in the Western Barony of Califia, but it was not until arriving in the Shire of Bergental in 1989 that she was able to thoroughly enter into SCAdian life. She credits Sarah Langtoft for introducing her to all the lovely folk who attended Yule Feast in 1990 and the 1st Baronial Investiture in 1991, which inspired her to organize the students of the western MA "five-college area" as the College of the Sinking Lands. The College served as a willing pool of student labor and talent for Barony events, even after she graduated in 1993! The College has since folded. She was and remains committed to service to young families, providing children's activities at Baronial events for a handful of years until starting her own family. She lives with her husband and their three towering sons in the northern edge of the Barony, and very much wishes her life had more space for her SCAdian pursuits! She received her AoA 9/30/1995, and is honored to be part of the Baronial Orders of the Hourglass and Fountain (now the Cup of St. Brigid). With the kind help of the heralds of the East, she registered herself as Kirstinn Gunnarsdotter of Bergental in 2011.

When she does manage to make it to an event, she likes very much to help in the kitchens or to serve at feast, and will seek out any children's programs to offer assistance. An early member of the Baronial Choir, she loves singing in almost any capacity, and will gladly join in or listen. She hopes to take up assignments for illuminated scrolls again soon!

Kirstinn Gunnarsdotter of Bergental is aka Kiersten of Bergental, and is mka Meguey Baker.


Lady Kirstinn is a wool and textiles merchant in the newest "Glory of the Empire", the Queen of the Hanse, the City of Lubeck. Her family was not entirely unscathed by the Great Plagues, taking away most of her extended kin. Her parents and a sister survived, and, leaning on their more distant and more healthy relatives across the water in Sweden, took advantage of the new opportunities available in the 1370s to expand their fortunes. Kirstinn and her husband enjoy enough comfort in their work to spend time on sharing games and past-times they encounter through their trading business, and to devise new ones to entertain their young friends. She delights in all things textile related, thankfully, and while not a skilled dyer of cloth, she does like to paint a pleasing page. Recently, a trading partner from far Abyssinia sent some samples of the whitest cloth, called cotton, very fine and novel at the Champagne Fairs. Kirstinn thinks this new cloth has great potential, and she favors it over silk for her veiling.

Her arms: Lozengy gules and ermine, a bend sinister cotised azure

Offices & Positions

  • Seneschal, College of the Sinking Lands, 09/01/1991 to 05/19/1993

Event Staff

  • Seneschal and second kitchen helper, Feast of Scholars, 03/15/1992 (approximately; it was a short while before Baron Duke Sir Barry's investiture)
  • Children's Program, Baronial Yule, when it was at the Boy Scout Camp in I think 1991-1995.

Projects & Publications

  • What to Put on Your Head: Braids and veils in the early period. Nova Schola approx. 2003.

In Case of Court

Please let me or other folks who can make sure I'm there know ahead of time! I missed hearing my own AoA read in court at Pensic because I was providing childcare so other nobles in our Barony could attend. They felt badly about it, and it put the King and Queen of the East in an spot I'd like to avoid! It does make for a more unique scroll, which is signed by the royal pair but was actually handed to me after they had left the thrones.

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