Katryne Morgant

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Greetings! There once was a lass named Katryne Morgant who was fond of her 13th Century lifestyle ~ but alas her husband went on a long voyage leaving her to run the homestead in rural Scotland. As with all things wonderous and good, Katryne was wise in the ways of the forest and glen and was often found tending to others with the skills that she had learned. Alas on one fateful day on the Summer Equinox she came too close to the stones... and she was transported back ~ way back to a time of the Norse man running amok. She was found stunned and scared by a large man named Telgar Augustson. And so the story begins of her dual life as both Lady Katryne Morgant, devoted merchant's wife and Katryne Telgardottir, adopted daughter and respected citizen of Norseland.


The Early Middle Ages are being defined here as 500 - 1000 CE

Offices & Positions

In the SCA

  • Seneschal of the Incipient Shire de Bermudez 2008-2009,
  • Deputy Seneschal of the Shire of Anglespur 2021 to present,

In Norseland

  • Lawspeaker
  • Deputy Lawspeaker
  • Runamadr
  • Land agent for Pennsic
  • Family Activities coordinator, War of the Roses: 2014 & 2015,
  • Merchant Coordinator, War of the Roses: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022
  • Kitchen staff and Dayboard, Bjorn's Ceilidh: 2018
  • Lady in Waiting: Countess Vienna de la Mer, 2018
  • Autocrat, Hunter's Moon: 2021
  • Deputy Autocrat, Hunter's Moon: 2022
  • Cultural Activities: Norseland: 2016 to present

More Information

In case of Court: I do not wish to be surprised as my life often makes last minute decisions and I am not always able to attend events. Therefore if I know that I am needed in court I can make decisions accordingly. If I was to receive any type of award or recognition, I would want my family with me and especially make sure that my Peer is present.


Protégé to Baronin Maria Erika von Ossenheim bint Sirhan, Order of the Pelican


  • 08/05/2009 Concordia of the Snows Order of the Friends
  • 05/26/2012 Award of Arms (Rex Kenric & Regina Avelina to Katryne Morgant)
  • 02/23/2019 Award of Arms (King Wilhelm & Queen Vienna to Katryne Morgant Telgardottir
  • 07/26/2021 Consort's Cypher