Katheryn Fontayne

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Katheryn coronet.jpg
Mistress Katheryn
Resides: Eisental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Katheryn f arms.jpg
Per pale azure and purpure, a rose within an orle of oak leaves conjoined in orle argent.

Katheryn Fontayne-Badge.jpg
(Badge: Gules semy of roses, a panther rampant argent incensed Or spotted of various tinctures.)
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Laurel Companion of the Order of the Maunche


Mistress Katheryn Fontayne is an English noblewoman of the 1390s (usually) with a taste for shiny, shiny clothing.


9/9/2017: Laurel

5/2/2015: Court Baroness with Grant of Arms

6/21/2014: Maunche (retroactively with Grant of Arms)

1/17/2009: Award of Arms

2/11/2017: Golden Lyre

9/27/2008: Queen's Cypher (Brenwen)

1/24/2015: Coronet's Favor (Cynagua) (Jost and Isolte)

9/21/2008: Tyger's Cub

Offices & Positions

Pennsic A&S Point Champion, Pennsic 46

Seamstress to the Crown, Ioannes and Honig

Lady in Waiting, Ioannes and Honig

Pennsic A&S Point Champion, Pennsic 44

Wardrobe Coordinator, Darius V and Etheldreda IV

Lady in Waiting, Darius V and Etheldreda IV

Lady in Waiting, Brenwen II

Seamstress to the Crown, Darius IV

Lady in Waiting, Darius IV and Alethea

Seamstress to the Crown, Brenwen I

Lady in Waiting, Brenwen I

Projects & Classes

Website: Katheryn's shiny objects

Dyeing with period methods (fire good) - see website

Dye oven - see website

"Nyce and Straunge": Less Common Ladies' Fashions of the 14th Century (article, on website)

Medieval Red Dye: Fun with pH: class forthcoming

"Drunken, Foolish or Witless Women": Proper and Improper Dress for Ladies in the 14th Century (class) (Pennsic 45, GNEW 30, Autumn's Inspirations, Birka 2017)

The Gothic Ensemble: late 14th/early 15th c Gothic Fitted Dress construction, layers, accessories (class; Pennsic 40 and 41, GNEW 30)

GFD supportive fitting class/demonstration with Duchess Etheldreda

GFD fittings: Too many to count, including Honig (camp demonstration), Marjorie, Isolte, Etheldreda, Ellice, Eleanor, Jamie

1390s outfit for Princess Isolte of Cynagua

Opening Ceremonies and Queen's Tea 1390s applique surcotes for Queen Etheldreda

Peerage regalia projects:

appliqued laurel on Mistress Nadezhda's Laurel coat

embroidered Pelican for Sir Gareth's mantle

tunica for Master Tiberius

Sewing assistant-monkey for peerage regalia projects:

Mistress Jehannine's Pelican mantle

Sir Antonio's knighting outfit

Mistress Briony of Chatham's appliqued banner

Mistress Vienna's gamurra

Mistress Catheryn's gamurra

Mistress Honig's Laurel hood


Member of Serpentius

Apprentice-emerita of Duchess Etheldreda Ivelchyld (formerly known as Roxane Farabi)