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Katherine Morgan of Woolpit entered the SCA around 1998ish, attending events such as Black Rose Ball, Birka and May Day, participating primarily in music and dance. Her first Pennsic in 2001 launched the heavy list portion of her career.

She is a member of the Darostur household and divides her time between making music, dancing, fighting and facilitating her young children's enjoyment of SCA activities. She plays recorder and lute and enjoys providing "ambience music" at events. She fights sword and board and prefers crunchy portal battle scenarios.


Katherine is an English minstrel. Who also fights when the Midrealm gets uppity.


Music: recorder, lute, Elizabethan songs, campfire sing-alongs

Fighting: heavy list - sword and shield

Dancing: European and Middle Eastern


Member of the Household of Darostur

Resident of Quintavia

Member of the East Kingdom Royal College of Performers

Member of the Lochleven Army

Projects & Compositions

Gorsedd Bardic Challenge - Level III

Sonnet - My Lady, For Her Charity Renowned (praise poem for Mistress Fia Kareman)

Song - In XLVII, or "A Flocking Most Foul" (a contrafact about Prince Edward's run-in with the flamingos)

Song - Sentimental Heavy List Anthem (about how things are)

Classes - Elizabethan Pronunciation and My Guitar's Persona is a Lute

Ongoing projects include researching Tudor era pronunciation and singing practices, learning more songs, and improving pipe and tabor performance.

More Information

Lyrics and such - [1]