Kaspar Meerschweinchen

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Resides: Quintavia
Status: Serving House Weissraben
Awards: Order of Precedence

Award & Office Badges


I'm Kaspar Meerschweinchen (the last name means "little ocean pig") and I'm part of House Weissraben in Quintavia. I am Lord Julian's junior servingman and footman, and I have been in service to him for three years now.


I was born into poverty and squalor as one of a large peasant family somewhere in Germany. I was frail and crippled and almost died several times as a child; my family did not know what to do with me, as I never became strong enough to scrape out a living from farm labor. Eventually war struck our area and half my village was killed, including my entire family who were burned to death in our wattle-and-daub cottage. I survived only because I was fishing at a nearby lake and not actually home. A roving band of Landsknecht mercenaries - to this day I do not know if they were the ones who set fire to our village or not - found me wandering and weeping, and Hauptmann Julian fed me a pot of gruel and took me on as a servant. I washed clothes and stirred pots for two years, until he retired and settled in Nuremburg, at which point I was brought home with him and added to the household. I now have my own bed and clean clothes and good food, the best I've had in my life. I care for the sheep and do chores around the house, and follow him about when we are traveling to fetch his chair and drink. I put up with his mad wife Bella, his sarcastic daughter Brigitte, and his officious senior manservant Joschka, because it's better than war and starvation.

I am a devout Christian, although I'm often not sure whether I am following Papist or Protestant worship, but I don't care. I've been to pilgrimage places while I was traveling with the company, and I now have a collection of badges on my hat. Hauptmann Julian gave me a Book of Hours, a rosary, and a fine cross that was looted from one of the cities on campaign, and these are my most prized possessions. Along with my hat.

Projects & Publications

Learning about saints and angels, and slowly working on a Book of Hours.