Karrah the Mischievous

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Pennsic 48, showing that I do sometimes wear dresses.

Photo by Janette Colquhoun

Resides: Barony Beyond the Mountain
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Order of the White Oak Defender of the White Oak Freedom of the Bridge Award of Arms Terpsichore Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Pelican
Youth Combat Marshal


Karrah the Mischievous (pronounced Care-uh the Mis-CHIV-əs)
Pre-1998, known as Annabelle Osita
Joined with family somewhere in the '80s (that actual information is unknown, as I was too young to remember)
Pre-1998, focused on heraldry, dancing, archery, local service
Began fighting Youth Combat, Pennsic 1998
No current focus after abruptly retiring from marshaling Youth Combat in Summer 2019.
She still happily teaches weapons-making and lugs around a vehicle full of loaner gear to wherever needed.
Dabbling in other areas- Bardic, A&S, archery, thrown weapons, heraldry (very lightly for all)


Karrah has no discernible persona or particular place or time in history. Growing up in the SCA turned it into just a way of life as opposed to a persona. She is generally the same person both mundanely and in SCA context (which at times can be a detriment, admittedly).

Offices & Positions

Youth Combat Marshal in Training, 8/2002 to 8/2003
Warranted Youth Marshal, 8/2003 to Present
BBM Baronial Youth Combat Officer, 9/2003 to 8/2016
Kingdom Youth Combat First Deputy, East Kingdom, 3/25/17 to 7/2019
Kingdom Youth Clerk First Deputy, 3/2022 to Present
Pennsic Youth Martial Activity Battlefield Coordinator First Deputy, 2022 to Present
Baronial Seneschal-Elect (BBM), 5/2022 to 12/2022
Baronial Seneschal (BBM), 12/2022 to Present
Thrown Weapons Marshal in Training, 9/2022 to 11/2022
Thrown Weapons Marshal 11/2022 to Present


BBM Youth Archery Champion (x2), pre-1998 (under the name Annabelle)
Bridge Baronial Bard, 9/25/2010-9/24/2011
Stonemarche Baronial Bard, 9/2/2012-8/1/2013
Bridge Baronial Bard, 9/17/2016-9/16/2017
Bridge Baronial Bard, 12/8/2019-12/4/2022
War of the Pearls Bardic War Point Champion, 6/18/2022
East Kingdom Pennsic Thrown Weapons Team- Alternate (2022)

Event Staff/Work

(Still in Progress)
May 2002- Turned 18! Now free to attend All The Events and hold officer positions!
Youth Combat MIT, Pennsic (Aethelmearc), 8/8-8/17/2002
Setup/Cleanup, The Return of Tolkien Tourney (Bridge), 9/20-9/22/2002
Setup/Cleanup/Kitchen Staff, Fall Feast of Simplefare (BBM), 10/12/2002
Youth Combat Marshal, Pennsic (Aethelmearc), 8/7-8/16/2003
Setup/Cleanup, Tolkien Tourney, the Return, Part II (Bridge) 9/19-9/21/2003
Setup/Cleanup/Kitchen Help/Youth Combat Marshal, Fall Feast of Simplefare (BBM) 10/18/2003
Youth Combat Marshal, 100 Minutes War (Rusted Woodlands), 11/22/2003
Youth Combat Marshal (MIC?), Birka (Stonemarche), 1/31/2004
Setup/Cleanup, Black Rose Ball (Bridge), 2/14/2004
Teacher (Intro to Youth Combat), Bergental Birthday and Novice Schola (Bergental), 2/21/2004
Youth Combat MIC, Harper's Retreat (Stonemarche), 9/2-9/5/2005
Setup/Cleanup/Youth Combat MIC, Feast of Simplefare (BBM) 11/5/2005
Youth Combat Marshal, Mudthaw (Settmour Swamp), 3/25/2006
Assistant Dance Mistress, Black Rose Ball (Bridge), 4/1/2006
Youth Combat MIC, Balfar's Challenge (Dragonship Haven), 4/29/2006
Setup/Cleanup/Youth Combat MIC, BBM Investiture and the Field of Acorns and Pearls: Cadell’s Memorial Challenge (BBM) 2/2-2/4/2006
Coordinator/Dancing Instructor, Nathan Hale-Ray Demo (BBM), 6/6/2006
Youth Combat Marshal, 20th Great Northeastern War (Malagentia), 7/14-7/16/2006
Setup/Cleanup/Dance Mistress, Yule Celebration (BBM), 12/2/2006
Still adding- did not fall off face of the earth for 13 years, promise
Setup/Cleanup/Youth Combat Armorer, Birka (Stonemarche), 1/26/2019
Youth Combat Marshal, Mudthaw, 3/30/2019
Youth Combat Marshal, Balfar's Challenge, 4/27/2019
List field Setup/Cleanup/Youth Combat Marshal, Pennsic 2019
Setup/Cleanup/Youth Combat Armorer, Harper's Retreat (Stonemarche), 8/30-9/2/19
Setup/Cleanup/Youth Combat Armorer, Birka (Stonemarche), 1/25/2020
Shuttle/Cleanup, Black Rose Ball (Bridge), 3/7/20
Setup/Cleanup/Shield Tree/List Runner, Crown Feeder (BBM), 7/3/21
Setup/List Runner/List Herald, Harper's Retreat (Stonemarche), 9/5/21
List Runner, Crown (Bergental), 11/6/21
Herald (Fencing Novice Tourney)/"Death Counter", 100 Minutes War (Rusted Woodlands), 11/20/21
Setup/Cleanup/Silent Auction Assistant, BBM/Bergental Yule (Bergental), 12/4/21
Gate Staff, Aisles of Marche (Stonemarche), 3/5/22
Youth Combat MIC, Mudthaw, (Settmour Swamp) 3/26/22
Youth Combat MIC, Balfar's Challenge (Dragonship Haven), 4/23/22
Youth Combat MIC, Otter's Welcome Back (Carolingia), 5/21/22
Gate Staff Volunteer, Northern Region War Camp (Glenn Linn), 7/2/22
YC Battlefield Deputy/List field Setup/Cleanup/Youth Combat Marshal, Pennsic 2022
Setup/Youth Combat Marshal, Harper's Retreat (Stonemarche), 9/16-9/17/22
Gate Staff Volunteer/Cleaup, BBM 50th Birthday (BBM) 9/18/22


Royal Court (Morning and Afternoon) Rapier Champions (Quintavia) 2/18/23 Royal Court (Afternoon) High Nobility Low Stakes (Concordia) 3/18/23

Ethereal Moments

Moment of Inspiration, East Kingdom Ethereal Court V, June 13, 2020
Court Herald, Second Ethereal Court of the Consules (Cathain Reiter, Silver Mantle), 10/11/2020
Video Editing, 9th Ethereal Court of the Eastern Consules (Elaine Howys of Morningthorpe, Laurel), 5/16/2021
First Round Video Editing, 12th Ethereal Court of the Eastern Consules (Rosina von Schaufhausen, Laurel), 8/26/2021


I have been building Youth Combat weapons for over 20 years. I teach others how to build them and have made instructional videos.
I have made and donated more weapons as tournament prizes than I can even begin to count.
I began making the Kingdom Youth Champions weapons in 2019.

Projects & Publications

"Youth Combat: How To Get Started", EK Gazette, co-authored by Lord Raven of Rusted Woodlands, 04/03/2015
"Double Layer East Kingdom Youth Combat Sword Construction", instructional video, 7/17/2017
"Q-tip East Kingdom Youth Combat Sword Construction", instructional video, 7/17/2017

In Case of Court

I would prefer to not know ahead of time that I will be called in to court so I do not panic or have anxiety about it while waiting.
Please notify my sister, Kimberly ferch Cadell (Kim Deschamps on the Book of Faces).

Ethereal Court

I would prefer not to receive awards in Ethereal Court.


I wrote that without laughing. It's only here because I was told to.
Eikaterine_tin_Elliniki has a fairly good idea of the effort I do NOT want put into any sort of elevation proceedings.
Unless it happens at Pennsic, I definitely would prefer a Writ first, the rest of the shenanigans at a future date, because friends being upset at missing it due to lack of warning is not how good memories are made.

So... I guess I don't need this anymore, technically? But I'll leave it because who knows- maybe I can be good at something else someday?