Karl Falchner

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Karl Falchner Profile.png
Running the youth CA shoot at GNEW
Resides: Province of Malagentia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Karl arms.webp
Per saltire Sable and Vert a horse rampant to sinister regardant Argent within a bordure dovetailed Or
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsCompanion of the Order of the Silver Tyger
Combat Archery MarshalKnight Marshal


Lord Karl Falchner first started in the SCA in 1993 in Mountain Freehold. After spending sometime in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, he returned to the East, residing in the then-incipient Shire of Panther Vale prior to settling in the Province of Malagentia.

Event Staff

  • CA MIC Hunin and Munin 2018
  • Deputy CA MIC GNEW2015 2016,2017
  • CA MIC Gnew 2018,2019,2022

Host of weekly Riding of Ravensbridge.practice


Squired to Sir Matthew des Arden

Offices & Positions

  • Consorts Guard - Ryouko'jin & Indrakshi Summer Reign 2022

Awards and other info

  • Inducted into the Order of the Silver Tyger (2021)
  • Award of Arms (2017)


Duchy Von Drachenklaue (VDK)

House of the Crucible (sub house of VDK)

In Case of Court

Surprise Me.