Joshka Kozic

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Joschka Kozic
Resides: Quintavia
Status: Serving House Weissraben
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Award & Office Badges


Joschka Kozic is the senior manservant to Lord Julian Weissraben in House Weissraben in Quintavia.


Joschka was born of a Bohemian father who was living in Germany and married to a German woman, so he grew up in a home that spanned two cultures. He became the manservant and attache to Hauptmann Julian Weissraben, the captain of a Landsknecht company, and followed him on campaign for many years. When Julian retired to start a cloth merchant business in Nuremburg, his faithful Joschka came with him, and is the senior servant in in the household. He functions as secretary, valet, and anything else his master may require. He will generally be found in German garb, but sometimes reverts to his Bohemian father's cultural clothing.

Projects & Publications

Joschka does narrow-work and has just acquired an inkle loom. He is beginning to learn archery and loves to dance.