John fitzArnulf de Lithia

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Resides: Hartshorn-dale
Status: Inactive
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Bendy sinister sable and gules.
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John fitzArnulf de Lithia has been playing in the SCA since 1977. When he joined the Society in Florida, it was in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Later it became the Kingdom of Meridies and later still the Kingdom of Trimaris.

Some of his interests include the history of the Normans, in Normandy, in England, and as they spread all over Europe and beyond, the history and development of castles, the history and development of armour before the 15th century, the history and development of siege machinery, and heavy weapons combat. Since he moved from Trimaris to East Kingdom in 1997, however, he has essentially stopped fighting.

He is married to Scolastica la souriete.


John fitzArnulf de Lithia is a Norman lord living in Northumberland. He went on the Third Crusade with King Richard Cœur de Lion and obtained from Richard a license to build a castle. Much of the stone for his castle was obtained from a large disused wall in the vicinity, said to have been built by the Romans.

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