John Elys

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Companion of the Order of the Laurel

Medieval: I live in the south of England, c. 1400 AD, with a wife and two greyhounds. I'm gainfully employed as a wayte and minstrel, and am a master in the local musickers' guild.

SCA: I live in Ostgardr with a wife and two greyhounds. I joined the SCA in AS xviij in Atlantia (Black Diamond and Storvik), then moved to Caid (Calafia), then the Midrealm (Castel Rouge and Dragonsmark), then the East (Ostgardr). I was admitted to the Order of the Laurel in AS xxxviij, allegedly in recognition of my work on (in order of importance) music, tent construction, cooking, dance, and miscellaneous other arts. I currently serve as Webmaster for the Crown Province of Ostgardr.