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Jimena at Pennsic 2019

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Jimena Montoya at Coldwood 2013, Photo by Rhys Ravenscroft

Jimena at Pennsic 2012, photo by Albreda Alyese
Resides: Northern Outpost
Status: active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Gules, a demi-maiden in her modesty and on a chief embattled argent three mullets of eight points gules, OR a demi-maiden in her modesty and on a chief embattled argent a sword fesswise gules.

Award & Office Badges


Viscondesa Jimena Montoya lives in the Shire of the Northern Outpost in the Northern Region. She lived in the West Kingdom and CAID before locating to Northern Outpost in AS 46.

For the Widow Montoya, the year is 1179 in the kingdom of Leon on the Iberian peninsula during the reconquista.

Jimena is a member of House Bellatrix [1] and is squired to Duke Paul of Bellatrix.

Jimena's personal household includes Lady Rose Erembourc.


Jimena fights (armored combat), does occasional voice heraldry, and dabbles in a variety of arts and sciences forms, particularly poetry and music, as well as bardic performance. Her SCA research interests primarily involve Medieval Iberia.

Her professional research explores the literature of England from the middle ages through the Restoration with an emphasis on Renaissance drama, particularly revenge. She generally teaches a class or two on her professional interests at Pennsic, but is happy to share her research or teach a class on Med/Ren English lit and culture by request. She is also happy to consult on scroll wording for English personas, and can do some work in Old English and Middle English as well as Early Modern English (Norman French enquiries can be muddled through, but would be better addressed to someone more proficient unless modern French wording is acceptable).

Offices & Positions

  • Heavy combat marshal at large
  • Rapier combat marshal-in-training
  • Youth combat marshal at large (currently need to renew background check)
  • Faculty advisor, SUNY Potsdam chapter, 2011- 2020.
  • Chatelaine, Northern Outpost, 08/20/2013 to 8/20/2014.
  • Chronicler, Northern Outpost, 08/20/2012 to 8/20/2013


CAIDan awards listed here: [2]

Western awards listed here: [3]

Lochac award listed here: [4]


Gules, a demi-maiden in her modesty and on a chief embattled argent three mullets of eight points gules.

(also) Gules, a demi-maiden in her modesty and on a chief embattled argent a sword fesswise gules.


Per fidem gaudiumque

trans - For honor and joy

Sample poem

Sonnet on Inspiration (modeled after Dante's Vita Nuova - documentation available upon request) (my favorite of my works)

 Sempre, quando vedo d’onore una prodezza,
eseguito nella battaglia o nella pace,
mi cuore balla per sa che questa gentilezza
devé solamente piu cose d’onore face.
Perché onore ha questo potere sé stesso:
che né invidia né amarezza procede
nel cuori delle persone chi stanno dapprèsso
quando comportamento onorato è vede.

Spesso, la vista d’esempi di cavallerìa,
in confronto della mia propria condotta,
ancora mi umilia con desiderio.
Perchè la visione della cortesia
mi rièmpie, ed ardo della necessità
comportirme con onore per mi esempio.


Always, when I see a deed of honor,
performed in battle or in peace,
my heart dances to know that this courtesy
must create only more honorable things.
For honor has this power in itself:
that neither envy nor bitterness occur
in the hearts of those who are nearby
when honorable behavior is seen.

Often, the sight of examples of chivalry,
in comparison with my own behavior,
also humbles me with desire.
Because the vision of courtesy
fills me, and I burn with the need
to act with honor as my example.

Jimena Montoya AS XXXVI

The widow in her natural habitat - Pennsic