Jessa de Hunteleghe

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Jessa de Hunteleghe
Resides: Rusted Woodlands
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Heraldry Needed
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Jessa first joined the SCA in 1989, while attending school in the Barony of Delftwood (Aethelmearc). She remained an active participant in the goings on of Delftwood and neighboring Shire of Coppertree until finishing school in '92. Then life took her far far away, and it was a decade before she was able to return to the northeast US, ultimately marrying Drake Oranwood and (not so difficultly) dragging him back into SCA life with her. In large part due to her original ties, she is on paper a subject of Aethelmearc. However, she has been getting more active in and with the East as of late, and was directed to make an EK Wiki page nonetheless! :-)

Jessa became a student of Mistress Brid nic Shéarlais at Wars of the Roses 2013, and became her protege' at Pennsic 42.

She is also occasionally known as the "truffle fairy" (particularly at Pennsic) due to a tendency to gift people with homemade chocolate truffles from her little wooden cooler.


Jessa is roughly 13th/14th C Scottish, though thanks to the love of her time-and-place traveling hubby, you never know what you may find her wearing.


Award of Arms - Gregor IV and Kiena II, Northern Region War Camp, July 2013

In Case of Court

I am NOT big fan of surprises in court. Many of the people I hold dear either attend few events, are out of kingdom, or both. If you really think I need to be surprised, at least please make sure Drake (Eric) knows, because he will know who else needs informed.