Jenna Childersley

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Jenna demonstrates the potter's wheel based on da Vinci's notebook
Resides: Crown Province of Ostgardr, Canton of Lion's End
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Device - Per chevron inverted purpure and vert, in chief a winged human head and in base three arrows palewise inverted argent

Per pale vert and purpure, a cherub within eight arrows in annulo points to center argent
Award & Office Badges
Order of the Seahorse Troubadour Award of the Golden Lyre Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent


The Honorable Lady Jenna Childersley, called ChildSlayer. (SCA Biography) AoA, Order of the Seahorse, Troubadour, SandPail, Silver Feather, Golden Lyre, Order of the Silver Crescent, Order of the Sea Dog.


Jenna ChildSlayer (it was an accident, really!) is a Generic Wench (tm) (14th century, England) who took over the family pottery after the Plagues and makes tableware, which she sells during her travels. She can also be found singing for her supper as the ringleader of Hell's Belles, the East Kingdom's worst bardic group. Tunes are traditionally carried in a bucket - necessary, as we sing in the keys of several, many, and off, often simultaneously... Nevertheless, for some reason, we are requested as entertainment during celebrations. Jenna also has a most unladylike interest in archery (mmmm... venison...) and other thrown and projectile weapons.

Offices & Positions

  • Drop-dead Deputy Seneschal, Canton of Lions End, Ostgardr - 2012-2017

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Projects & Publications

Article: "Pennsic on a Budget" Settmour Swamp newsletter "The MudPuppy" December 2017

More Information

AlphaWench, Instigator of Chaos & Shenanigans, enjoys having fun & helping other people have fun.

In Case Of Court: Please notify THL Violet Hughes (aka Purple of House Three Skulls) & the Il Khanate (Viceregents) of Ostgardr I enjoy good/happy surprises, and having friends & family-by-choice there for them.