Jean-Oste de Murat

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Jean-Oste de Murat
Resides: Shire of Ad Flumen Caerulum, Kingdom of Drachenwald
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, a chevron argent between two shrimp haurient respectant and a fleur de lis Or
Award & Office Badges
Chiffre Du Baron Award of Arms


I am Jean-Oste de Murat. I joined the SCA in fall 2010, just for the Period Fencing Activities at the Havre des Glaces (Québec). But then, I met enthusiastic people and finally... I am here


I was born at the end of the spring of 1483, in the city of Murat, in French Auvergne. My father was Didier de Murat, modest sergeant who obtained title and lands by his own arm, and my mother was Lady Marie, daughter of a local bourgeois.

At 16 year-old, my father left me in the commandery of Celles [1], under the supervision of the Knight Hospitallers of St-John of Jerusalem [2], as a squire. Curious and interesed in everything, I learnt to read and to write, and to fence.

Sping 1503: according to the Hospitalers requirements, my family was not noble enough to allow me to become a knight. So, I joined the fleet of the Grand Prior of the tongue of Auvergne, Guy de Blanchefort [3], in the Island of Rhodes, in order to be introduced to the Grand Master Pierre d'Aubusson [4]. He gave me what I needed: his authorization to become a Brother Sergeant at Arms. I left Rhodes few days before the death of d'Aubusson.

Come back home, I was charging to protect the pilgrims of St James of Compostella [5] between le Puy en Velay and Conques [6], until winter 1509. I wished to traval and ask to my superiors some missions abroad: I was sent first in tiny islands in exotic ocean, then in the kingdom of England, and finally, I had to get in touch with people of the EastKingdom.

I settled in the Barony of the Havre des Glaces, where I was introduced to their Excellencies Baron Arthur de Beaumont and Baroness Shadiyah al-Zhara. During the winter 1512, they give me the great honor to protect them with my arm. More and more involved in my barony and desirous to energize it, I became the Seneschal. Simultaneously, in order to improve my loyalty, my knowledge and my involvement towards the EastKindom, Magister Godfroy de Falaise gave me a quest... I pass the test and received my yellow belt during the Feste des Glaces, in front of King Edward, Queen Thyra, our Baron and Baronness and the populace of the Havre des Glaces. At the same occasion, I received my Award of Arms and became Seigneur Jean-Oste de Murat.

After some years of good and faithful service as a seneschal, I offended my belt-brother, who sued me. After a long plea exhibiting my dirty tricks (the IDD banner, the cow babiche, the Princely intervention...), I lost my trials and was sentenced to exile by my own Master beyond the Great Sea. I arrived in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, and set up close to the Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum. I met new people, but the same friendship i found in the East Kingdom, and began to enjoy my new condition. After some talks with Mistress Margaret, she invited be to take the Office of Seneschal for the Centreal Region of Drachenwald after her. I accepted this new challenge and try now to do my best for the sake of Drachenwald and its populace.

  • "Beatus qui prodest quibus potest" ("Blessed is he who help when he can")

Offices & Positions

  • Regional Seneschal, Central Region, Drachenwald, 08/2015 to present
  • Seneschal, Havre des Glaces, 09/2011 to 12/2013
  • Local Minister of the List, Havre des Glaces, 02/2011 to 12/2013

Event Staff

  • Autocrat of the Feste des Glaces, Havre des Glaces, 11/2011
  • Autocrat of the Baltanes, Havre des Glaces, 8-10/06/2012
  • Autocrat of the Baltanes, Havre des Glaces, 7-9/-6/2013
  • Autocrate of the Baronial Investiture, Havre des Glaces, 24/09/2013

Projects & Publications

  • Office's favor (embroidery)
  • Havre des Glaces's official banner (embroidery and appliqué)

More Information

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  • Eginhard d'Aix la Chapelle