Jan Starszy

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Resides: Rusted Woodlands
Status: Deceased
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per chevron argent and gules, a ship sails unfurled sable and two crosses formy in pale argent.
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Pan Jan Starszy had dreamed of the SCA, though he didn't know that he was. He had mused "some day I'd like to open a restaurant called 'Henry VIII'...", so when he was introduced to the SCA by his son he found what he'd been looking for. Judging himself too old and broken to fight or fence, he was a still an keen observer of combat. He found much joy preparing feasts with his family.


Jan is a retired sea captain from Gdańsk who plied his trade in the Baltic, sailing a cog between the various Hanseatic cities thereon. Even in retirement, most days he is still at the docks assisting pilots and conferring with ship builders. When not enjoying the sea, he is a student of the techniques in fishing found in "The Boke of Saint Albans", which he found on one of his trips to London.

Event Staff

  • The Wedding of Jan and Rosamund a.s. XXIV (Iron Bog) - Head cook
  • Magnus and Farasha's Wedding a.s. XXV (Iron Bog) - Kitchen Staff
  • Hundred Minutes War - If you were at war where piles of smoked meats were part of the dayboard, he was on the staff.

Family and Associations

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