Isabel de Bayonne

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Resides: Concordia of the Snows
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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No Heraldry
Award & Office Badges
Troubador, Golden Lyre (Brenwen the Faire II)


Isabel is a 14th century noble woman living in Gascony. She is apprenticed to Mistress Brid nic Shéarlais for fiber arts. She enjoys spinning, knitting, netting, card weaving, loom weaving, sewing, and singing.


Isabel is the ward of His Excellency Angus Pembridge, she lives in Pembridge Manor in the year 1380. Her father is a minor noble who served with Baron Angus in His Highness' army. There being a shortage of suitable men of marriageable age due to the hundred year's war he sent her to live with Baron Angus. Under the guidance of his tutors she has learned to read and write and has become proficient in spinning, card weaving, loom weaving, dress making, and singing. She has recently become betrothed to Matthew Grymm (also known as Grim the Skald), a well known court poet.

Offices & Positions

  • Baronial Artisan, Concordia of the Snows, May/09-May/10

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