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Irys with their blue headed pionus

Irys Tybote
Resides: Carolingia, Canton of the Towers
Status: Active
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Device for Irys Tybote
Device for Irys Tybote

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Norse/Norman/Early English Forester persona associated with the Silk Road.

Irys is pronounced “Iris” like the modern flower.

Tybote is pronounced “Tib-bit” and rhymes with “ribbit.”

After taking several courses at the University of Atlantia, Irys decided to take a somewhat unique approach to persona development. While taking a course on Italian Theatre, they asked if the activity not quite fitting their persona’s concept would be a hindrance to participation. The instructor mentioned that they have garb that represents their “persona throughout the generations” - 880s, 1080s, 1180s, 1280s, 1380s, etc. That way their “primary” Holy Roman Empire 13th century persona might fast forward to their “decedents’ era” when performing and wear garb adjusted for that.

This approach gives a bit more flexibility explaining why a Norse/Norman/Early English persona might have exposure to early Italian renaissance theater - perhaps during that time period, the Irys line of Tybotes have traveled and interacted with the Italians as part of their Silk Road interests. This falls arguably into the creative side of things, but Irys wishes to participate in the performing arts despite also holding interests in forestry, fiber arts, leather working, black smithing, cookery, fermentation, gardening, etc.

Irys’ main Forester persona is primarily 14th century, but also gravitates towards representing the 10th century and 11th century “generation.”


Pronouns: they/them

Skills & Interests

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In Case of Court

Irys uses they/them pronouns. They would prefer to avoid surprises and request advanced notice to attend court. They use a mobility aid (walker, wheelchair) due to being an ambulatory paraplegic. They tend to prefer sitting in a seat next to an aisle with a space out of the way for their mobility device. They do not drive their own chariot or horse and must make transportation arrangements with the appropriate parties, so sufficient notice is ideal for requesting attendance.

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