Iriniia Mieszkowna

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Bhakail Commons, Court (2019) Photography courtesy of Chana Freidl the Maker
Resides: Shire of Caer Adamant
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Order of the Harlequin
Minister of Arts and Science


Pani Iriniia Mieszkowna (Eye-reen-nee-uh, Mee-ehs-kohv-nuh), "Mieszko's Daughter”, officially came back home to the SCA in April of 2017. Answers to "Rinii", "Raini", and "Sparrow", but also to "Hey You!". Former Feral SCA Child, Water Bearer, Retainer, Scribe, Apprentice, Bard, General Helper with All the Things, Crossbow wielder, Walking Pell.


Roughly 10th century, Polish. Daughter of down-on-his-luck far traveling Merchant/Tinker turned Mercenary; opted to stay in Ireland with a young man who bought a piece of jewelry from her father and shyly presented it to her moments after. Now travels happily by his side, involving herself in everything she can get her hands on. (see Runi inn Irski)

Offices & Positions

  • Minister of Arts & Sciences Barren Sands, 2018 to May 2019
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences Caer Adamant, April 2019 to current
  • Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences Bhakail, April 2019 to current
  • Bardic Champion Bhakail, 2019-2020
  • Active East Kingdom Scribe

Select Awards

  • Award of Arms, June 2018
  • Order of the Harlequin, in recognition of excellence in the Arts and Sciences within the Barony of Bhakail, June 2019
  • Flame(s) of Bhakail, Service tokens

Event Staff

Projects and Current Doings

Martial Activities

Heavy List

  • Currently in training to join in the fun of Rattan combat. Whacking people with sticks is cathartic!
    • | Preferred forms are short sword and buckler, glaive, and sword and round shield.
  • Currently in training to be a combat archer. Uses a crossbow. Very excited about it.

Arts and Sciences

Scribal Arts

  • Joined the East Kingdom College of Scribes in April, 2019.
    • | Displayed her scribal art for the first time at Mudthaw and K&Q A&S, 2019, with promising feedback.
    • | Currently focusing on the arts of Inkwork and Illumination, and is slowly learning Calligraphy.


  • Under the tutelage and mentorship of Master Muin maqq Minain for the arts of metalsmithing and various other arts, sciences, and sundries.
    • | Apprenticed to Master Muin as of January, 2019.


  • Sings moderately well and is excited to dink out a few songs on multiple instruments, even though she can't read music or play any instruments past by ear. Has absolutely no rhythm and is disappointed by it; adopted by the Dark Bards and has been gleefully wreaking havoc on unsuspecting passerby since.
    • With much trepidation, participated in her first Bardic Competition in January, 2019, and for her efforts was named the Bardic Champion of Bhakail.
    • Has lately been on a mission of self-growth, and will encourage anyone and everyone near her to start an impromptu concert, for no reason other than music is great!
    • Contrafacted and performed a short but poignant solo piece, to honor HE Rowen's future journeys, and to remind him that he will always be Bhakaili, at Bhakail Commons.
    • Led Bhakail's "Period Games and Music Night" at Pennsic 48, succeeding in persuading new performers to join her.
    • Decided to spontaneously go a-Barding with friends at Pennsic 48, bringing song to the marketplace, various camps, and to random groups of unsuspecting people. Was paid for her songs with genuine smiles, home brewed meads, and freshly crisped bacon. So. Much. Bacon.
    • Has started, given, or joined in small performances at most every event she has attended in 2019, for the general populous and for (and with) various Royals and Peers who looked bored or in need of musical distraction.


  • Painting, Inkwork, and Illumination
  • Metalsmithing
  • Armoring
  • Jewelry
  • Turning found objects into useful things
  • Researching
  • Singing (Fach: Dramatic Contralto, non-operatic and with no formal training. You've been warned!)
  • Musical Instruments (plays the flute, and is slowly learning cello, violin, and harp)
  • Twiddling with flavors and spices
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Calligraphy
  • Garment Construction
  • Inkle Weaving
  • Embroidery (although she has little patience for it)




Queen's Guard

Personal Imagery

Sparrows hold special meaning for Iriniia. For her, they symbolize adaptability, curiosity, productivity, creativity, joy in the simple things of life, and are fiercely protective of their flocks. They are also vindictive little buggers, and this delights her. Her colors are midnight blue, black, and silvery gray. Her scribal signature is a small, rotund black sparrow. Her metalwork signature is the same, with the addition of a black hand to represent her affiliation with and apprenticeship to Master Muin.


  • Member of Taigh Ruadh, or "House of the Red". A loose family of mercenary Artisans and Bards, at one time a part of Anglesey.
  • Member of the Gameday Taverne. A household full of Very Helpful People(tm) who live to serve and play games of all kinds.

In Case of Court

Please notify Pani Iriniia's spouse, Lord Runi inn Irski; he is excellent at keeping secrets and will make sure she is present and presentable to the Crown and their Representatives. Master Muin maqq Minain should be consulted and notified of any court appearances as well. If possible, please also notify THL Mairi Crawford or Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne, close friends of Iriniia, and much better at making sure she is presentable than Lord Runi.

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