Ingvar Thorsteinsson

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Critter woods.jpg
Critter fighting
Resides: Barony of Carillion
Status: Banished
Awards: Order of Precedence
Erminois, a boar's head cabossed sable and a chief gules
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant

Order of Irons Bell Order of the Sable Bell Award of Arms

Knight Marshal


Lord Ingvar Thorsteinsson, called “Critter”. Ingvar's first event was Estrella War 10 and joined after moving to the Barony of Carillion in 1995.


10th Century Rus Viking

The Viking son of Thor's drinking stein traveled the silk road looking for conquest.

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

  • Event Steward, Bellringers, Feb 2017
  • Day Board Staff, Southern Region War Camp, (RP), June 2013
  • Co-Event Steward, Barely Lace, 3 times
  • Co-Event Steward, Cairo in Carillion, 1 time
  • Co-Event Steward, Lakewood Ren Faire, 3 times
  • Co-Event Steward, West Windsor Faire, 2 times
  • Kitchen Staff, Bellringers, 12 times
  • Marshal in Charge, Lakewood Ren Faire, 10 times
  • Marshal in Charge, Southern Region War Camp (RP), 1 time
  • Marshal in Charge, West Windsor Faire, 5 times

MIC or Marshal at numerous events, demos, & practices.


Fought and run numerous tournaments in Carillion as well as neighboring baronies and shires. Many forgotten to history.

Tournaments Won

  • Arm Wrestling Champion, Barony of Carillion, too many times
  • Arm Wrestling Champion, Barony of Settmour Swamp, 1 time
  • Baronial Champion, Barony of Carillion, 3 times
  • Baronial Champion, Barony of Settmour Swamp, 2 times
  • Children's Rose Tourney, Barony of Carillion, 3 times
  • Torchlight Tourney, Barony of Carillion, 1 time

Honours & Awards

  • Rose Token, Crown Tournament, May 2017
  • Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combatant, August 2015
  • Order of the Sable Bell, Nov 2014
  • Order of the Iron Bell, Sept 2012
  • Baron Cosmo's Favor: Order of the Lord of the Fish (Carillion), 2009
  • Award of Arms, Sept 1998


  • Squire to Duke Ronald Wilmot