House Weissraben

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Members of House Weissraben - Kaspar, Julian, Joschka, Brigitte and Rodrigo
Founded: April 2015
Status: Active

Coming eventually!
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Greetings! We are House Weissraben, a Renaissance-era household in the general Quintavia area, focusing on fiber arts (garb-making and needleworking) and fencing. We love the 16th century and all its glory - a time of change, a time of romance, a time of hurtling toward the modern era while still keeping the medieval spirit.


We are a new household formed out of local members (some longtime SCA members, some new) who like to travel to events together in Renaissance style. Our history will continue to evolve! In the 16th century, we are the household of Lord Julian Weissraben out of Nuremburg.


Our household leader is Julian Weissraben, retired Landsknecht Hauptmann turned cloth merchant and professional broiderer. Most of our members live in Nuremburg in the mid-16th century; our fencer Lord Rodrigo Medina de la Mar is from a wealthy Spanish trading family, sent north from Venice as a trade agreement representative and betrothed to Julian's fair daughter Brigitte. Our other household members include Julian's wife Bella, his two manservants Joshka Kozic and Kaspar Meerschweinchen, his servingwoman Ruth le Sanguinaire, and his French goatherdess Vincente de la Chevre. If you are local to Quintavia, love fiber arts and/or fencing and/or the Renaissance and/or hanging about with very strange people, and would like to join our household, simply email Julian at and we shall talk.

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