House D'Mer or De la Mer

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Founded: 1989 (AS XXIV)
Status: Active
Award Badges


Once a D'Mer always a D'Mer not even in death do we part


Founded in 1989 Barony of Settmour Swamp By

Mostly and Arts & Science Household, with fighters thrown in!!!

Household Awards

  • The Blackheart: Work done in the Household
  • The Silver Eclipsed Blackheart: Work done in the SCA as a whole
  • The Quartered Heart: For Combat
  • The Brass Eclipsed Heart: for Arts & Sciences
  • The Silver Eclipsed Blackheart with Pearl: those entering into Elderhood

Members of D'Mer & Related households

  • Abigail D'Mer von Wurzburg
  • Alosandra D'Mer of Blackfeather of Kingdom of Trimarius
  • Arabella De Mere von Wurzburg, SCA Mistress
  • Artemisia Melboca D'Mer of Casa de Bardicci
  • Asper D'Mer
  • Ambrosia D'Mer,
  • Bear Blar D'Mer
  • Be-bop D'Mer (Bastard)
  • Brenda Red D'Mer of the Ravenspittle
  • Carter D'Mer of Trimarius
  • Cimmerine D'Mer, Mid Relm
  • Coco Feuerdrachen von De la Mer
  • Condor D'Mer
  • Connor Feuerdrachen von De la Mer
  • Corinne Feuerdrachen von De la Mer
  • Crimson D'Mer of the Ravenspittle
  • Deberron Delanooch D’Mer: (Deceased Persona)
  • Damascus Steel Feuerdrachen
  • Desuave Cristo D’Mer (Deceased Persona)
  • Drake D'Mer, captain of Drakehalk
  • Eclipos D'Mer, Armorer
  • Emellio Ravenhall D'Mer (Deseased Person)
  • Emma D'Mer
  • Evalina von Schaidag SCA Lady
  • Evan Brimstone D'Mer
  • FuzzyDan (Maried into household)
  • Gabby Loude D’Mer, Kingdom of Trimarius
  • Gardo Atreides Coridan of the De la Mer (Bastard)
  • Godiva Eclipea Blackheart D'Mer von Feuerdrachen, SCA Lady of Timberwolves Encampment and Vlad's,
  • Grinch D’Mer D’Mer D’Mer Ravenhall of the 7Leaves (Bastard Bastard Bastard)
  • Gryphon Polarbear of D'Mer (Adopted)
  • Gypsy Rebbica D'Mer,
  • Isenax Feuerdrachen DMer
  • Katerina de La Bere SCA Baroness
  • Kendrik D'mer Smithy Thunder
  • La La Arianna Ravenhall Belamonti
  • Lehoric Silverwater D'Mer (Deseased person) Smithy Thunder
  • Leo Draco (Married into D'Mer) ship Captian Smithy Thunder
  • Lyrra Madril D'Mer
  • Maire Myra Ravenhall D'Mer
  • Marcus D'Mer formly of Settmour Swamp, now Kingdom of Trimarius
  • Marta Blackrose D'Mer
  • Mathias Feuerdrachen von De la Mer EE, SCA Baron Smithy Thunder
  • Matthias von Wurzburg (Married into D'Mer)
  • Mordread (Married into D'Mer)
  • Nathan D'Mer von Wurzburg
  • Neorotica Ravenhall DMer
  • Pher D'Mer
  • Spencer D'Mer von Wurzburg
  • Shannon Kristie Donnelly D’Mer
  • Steel "Shiney" D'Mer, Knife maker
  • Synn (Deceased persona)
  • Tamger Polarbear of D'Mer (adopted)
  • Tearghnaighn Cearnaigrl Ravenhall D'Mer of Timberwolves, SCA Lady
  • Valery D'Mer (Deceased Persona)
  • Vienna de la Mer E, SCA Countess
  • Wilhelm Von D’Mer, Mid Relm and Trimarius
  • Zarabeth Eclipea Blackhart D'Mer Ravenhall Badilamenti, SCA Lady Smithy Thunder
  • Zakor Noblis D'Mer

Titles in Household EE stands for Eldest Elder and Founders E Stands for Elders in household Y Eclipea-Blackheart award for service to household

Include member names, and possibly how to join if you are interested

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