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Founding Members

Corvus Blackthorne Aelfric of Sarisberri

Current Head of Household

Aelfwyn Marie von Augsburg

Current members

Mary of the High Hills Thalia of Malagentia Gregor McLaughlin Galen of Blackthorne
Angelline Corbett Gillian Stance Ailbhe Ælfricsdohtor
Adam MacGregor Herdis Harvadottir Eyia Refr Svana Flókadóttir

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Eyia Refr:

House Histories

House Blackthorne was formed by Corvus Blackthorne as a place where Arts and Sciences people could practice their arts in Malagentia. At that time Malagentia was a wonderful place, but mostly a bunch of good friends who loved to play sweaty barbarians. Malagentia was young and while we were loved in the East Kingdom, we needed to grow to set ourselves as an East Kingdom powerhouse. I was trying to get knighted at the time and I wanted a household who could show off the skills of the A&S people who started to join Malagentia. I couldn’t be prouder of what I started and I am humbled by what House Blackthorne has accomplished in my absence! Vivat!

-Written by Eric Reeder/Corvus Blackthorne 10/31/22

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