History of the Snowberg Army

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The "Snowberg Saga" is a body of work that has its start from Baron Baltasar Mondragon, the 3rd Baron of Concordia of the Snows. In AS36 Baltasar commanded his bard Toki Redbeard to write a chronicle of the Pennsic deeds of the Snowberg Army, the combined forces of Concordia and Bergental.

Toki wrote a prose chronicle with framing verses, and he charged every bard that succeeded him to add to the History in some way. Since then, it has been a tradition of the Baronial Bard of Concordia to write an addition to the Saga, to either chronicle the deeds of the army, or else write something to inspire the warriors.

These are the works of the Snowberg Saga, divided into chapters:

  • Chapter 0 - A tale of a warrior from long ago
  • Chapter 1 - The chronicles of the Snowberg Army at the 31st and 32nd Pennsic war
  • Chapter 2 - "Snowberg Flokkr." The Chronicle of the Snowberg Army at the 33rd Pennsic War
  • Chapter 3 - The Chronicles of the Snowberg Army at the 34th Pennsic War
  • Chapter 4 - An Exhortation of the Snowberg Army to fight, and the events of the 36th Pennsic War. Written by two Skalds.
  • Chapter 5 - "Snowberg at the Bridge." The deeds of Snowberg at the 37th Pensic War.