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The light of the East shines upon Herdis
Resides: The Riding of Ravensbridge
Status: Active
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Azure, a bader rampant to sinister argent maintaining a harp Or, a bourdure countercompony sable and argent.
Award & Office Badges
Silver Brooch


Lady Herdis Harvadottir of House Blackthorne

This all started in 2010 with forgotten camp supplies and a massive plate of goulash. Now I find myself older with good friends, happy memories, and entirely too much fabric.


Herdis was born mid-10th century in what is now the Orkney Islands. The third child of four, Herdis spent much of her youth playing with her siblings. In her 10th summer, sickness spread its gnarly fingers gripping Herdis in its cold grasp. After making various sacrifices, the Gods saw fit to return Herdis to health and vigor. As Herdis grew into adulthood, her mischievous demeanor and quick wit became apparent to all, often leading to trouble. The change from a quiet sickly child to a boisterous convivial woman was surprising. So much so, among the villagers she became known as Herdis the Unexpected. A lover of music and the arts, Herdis was often found with an instrument or listening to a tale. It was here that Herdis's own tale truly began. Receiving a missive from her elder sister (who had journeyed to the mainland), Herdis left home. It had been a call for aid. Heeding the call, Herdis sailed from the port of Birgisherað and into the throes of war.

Interests within the SCA

  • A&S
  • Music
  • Archery
  • Swooning

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