Heraldic Ranks of the East Kingdom

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Heraldic Distinctions of the East Kingdom

The East Kingdom College of Heralds Consists of Four general distinctions.

  • Heralds Extraordinary - a Society Wide rank for those recognized by the SCA College of Arms or Kingdom College of Heralds for superior, long term service to the College.
  • Heralds - Titled Deputies of the Brigantia Herald
  • Pursuivants - Titled Territorial Heralds of the East Kingdom
  • heralds - the entirety of the working heralds of the Kingdom of the East.

Historical Context

  • Early on the Kingdom chose to not have a standard rank structure of the College of Heralds. Every herald in the East is equal in rank. The titled positions stay with the position itself and are not personal titles. In its earliest days the College made the distinction in title registration between Herald (Capital H) for Deputies of the Brigantia Herald and Pursuivants for local branch heralds. This distinction is artificial and both titles hold the same weight.