Heather MacDowell

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Heather MacDowell
Resides: Malagentia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Award of Arms


Heather MacDowell. Late 14th-century-early 14th century Scottish/English persona base. Student to Her Excellency Ilulia Baebiana.


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Offices & Positions

Deputy Minister of the Lists- Province of Malagentia

Deputy Exchequer- Province of Malagentia

Event Staff

  • Volunteer Staff at the following events:
  Great Northeastern War yearly
  Panteria 2022
  Crown Tournament 2022
  Twelfth Night 2023
  • Deputy Gate Coordinator, Great Northeastern War XXXIV
  • Deputy Gate Coordinator, Great Northeastern War XXXII
  • Food Autocrat, Hugninn and Muninn IV
  • Always a humble volunteer since 2003

Projects & Publications

In Case of Court

Please notify Her Excellency Ilulia Baebiana or friend Odelina of St. Albans.

Secret is preferred, as long as she is properly attired.

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