Harun al-Najm al-Shirazi

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Harun al-Najm al-Shirazi.jpg
Harun al-Najm al-Shirazi (photo by Magnus Wolfhunte)
Resides: The Lantern Wastes of the East
Status: Occasionally Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Harun al-Najm al Shirazi Banner Arms.png
Azure, a heron and on a point pointed argent a mullet of seven points azure.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Morpheus


Also known as Sandy Casanova on social media, and Aaron in the meat-space, I can usually be found behind a camera or a drum. The SCA has been part of my life since I was two, and I continue to enjoy the people and the excitement that come with the larger events. Though I call central Pennsylvania home, I travel eastward to NJ and points north to attend EK events.


Saying that I have a persona might be a stretch. I do have a Middle Eastern bend, but I wear what's comfortable for the climate and spend most of my time in Viking-centric households.


Staff Positions

  • Principal Photographer for Luis and Margarita for their Coronation

Projects & Publications

  • Photography featured in EK Gazette article Tournament Results from Birka, 02/01/2018.
  • Photography featured in EK Gazette article Mudthaw A&S Champions, 04/07/2019.
  • Photography featured in EK Gazette article Coronation of Luis & Margarita, 10/05/2019.
  • Numerous other photos featured on the East Kingdom website, Unofficial East Kingdom Facebook page, the EK Gazette, and Pikestaff.
  • Taken official reign portraits for three reigns.
  • Designed and crafted a carved leather baronial coronet for Maistresse Mariette de Bretagne.
  • Designed and crafted a custom leather satchel specifically to tote my camera gear while at events, and made an an additional one as a donation for a fundraiser auction.
  • Made fabric stamps for the favor production for Her Majesty Indrakshi Aani Aravinda.


  • Middle Eastern and African Freestyle Drumming
  • Digital Photography
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Leatherworking

Featured Images

Arts Projects

More Information

My photography can be found in various locations on social media and on my website.

Facebook - Casanova Imagery

Instagram - Casanova_Imagery

Website -

In Case of Court

If someone desires my presence at court, please coordinate with Mariette de Bretagne. She will know better than anyone else what events I will be attending.

Preferred Titles, Pronunciation, and Pronouns

Please feel free to call me Harun, Aaron, or Sandy Casanova.

My pronouns are he/him/his.