Harper's Retreat 2019

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Location: Barony of Stonemarche
Date: 8/30/2019 - 9/2/2019


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From the Pikestaff

The wars of summer are over and our brave warriors have returned home with tales of glory and songs of triumph and heartbreak. In this quiet time before the crops are harvested, wood is stacked and animals slaughtered in preparation of the long winter to come, the Barony of Stonemarche invites one and all to join us around the fire as we regale Their Majesties, King Ôzurr and Queen Fortune with the stories and songs.

Harper’s Retreat is a quiet little event centering around the bardic arts. Tournaments for Baronial Champions for Bardic, Archery, Fighting, Fencing, and Thrown Weapons are open to all. Champions are not required to live in the Barony, but must be willing to serve the Barony for one year. Please let the tournament organizer know if you do not wish to be considered for a Champion. There will be other activities for those wishing to pursue them, or just enjoy the spender of the site, a dip in the lake and the company of good friends around the campfire at night.


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