Hallbjorn Tryggvason

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Helmet dents, head is fine.
Resides: Shire of Caer Adamant
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Pending
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Hallbjorn Tryggvason is a member of the Shire of Caer Adamant in the Southern Region of the Kingdom of the East. While he is not originally from there (he grew up in the Canton of Ravenhill in the Barony Beyond the Mountain) it is his home in the Society, as he got involved only recently. Pennsic XLV was one of his first events, and it solidified his being part of the Society. He is a woodworker, a brewer, a beginner blacksmith, a halfway decent minstrel, and is slowly shaping up to be a passable heavy list fighter. He is married to the lovely Lady Aoife inghean Donnchaidh, and is eternally grateful to her for dragging him, kicking and screaming, into the Society.


Hallbjorn is a bear of a man. You'll find him anywhere there's food, drink, good company, or music. Just don't expect the music to be very good if he's the one playing it! He'll drink to and sing about most anything, but don't let his wife see him drinking too much - she might try to steal his beer!


  • Heavy list (Authorized at AEdult Swim 2017)
    • Sword and shield (Dirty lefty!)
  • Period woodworking
  • Garb making
  • Brewing
  • Calligraphy and illumination
  • Bardic and other music
  • Heraldry
  • Blacksmithing

Event Staff

  • Princess's Guard and Mover of Heavy Things, Cook Thynge: The Long Night (A.S. LI)
  • Court Herald, Bhakail Investiture (A.S. LI)
  • Kitchen Staff, Stringe Thynge (A.S. LII)
  • Kitchen Staff, Hunter's Picnic (A.S. LII)


  • Deputy Herald, Shire of Caer Adamant (A.S. LI)
  • Herald, Shire of Caer Adamant (A.S. LII to present)


  • Award of Arms, June 3rd, A.S. LI, at Bhakail's Baronial Investiture, by Ioannes and Honig

In Case of Court

Norse names can be hard to pronounce, it's true. Thankfully, Hallbjorn's isn't too bad compared to some: HALL-byorn TRIG-va-son (And if you can read IPA: /'ha:lbjo:rn/ /'trigv..s..n/).

If, for some strange reason, someone has decided that Hallbjorn is to receive something at court, just make sure he's in the room. He'll be paying attention. He might also be up on stage helping with court if it's in the southern or central regions, so those running court might have to be crafty and hide it from him. He does enjoy surprises.

In the (quite unlikely) event of him being offered a peerage, a writ would be highly appreciated.

Fun "Facts"

  • Do not engage at camping events before he's consumed his coffee. Bad Things may happen unless it's a true emergency.
  • He is enthusiastic about participating in plots, plans, capers, and shenanigans. The more ridiculous, the better.
  • He can be bribed. Fine whiskies, ales, and meads are all more than acceptable. No Scotch, though, unless it's unpeated. You can keep your liquid smoke extract. Blegh!