Haakon Ragnorson

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Resides: Smoking Rocks
Status: alive
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Blue Tyger Legion


Haakon Ragnorson was born in 1078 in Denmark. In 1094, he traveled to Constantinople to serve as a member of the Varangian Guard. In 1096 he joined a group of Normans on a journey to the Holy Land; it was there that he became a member of the Order of Saint John (Order of Hospitallers). After serving his time he traveled to Spain to the Freehold of River Keep and that is where he found his home.

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Event Staff

Feastocrat Smoking Rocks Birthday 2013

Feastocrat Barony 12th Night 2015


Award of Arms 1998

Barony of Smoking Rocks Order of the Rock 2015

Blue Tyger Legion (Freehold) 2015

More Information

Haakon is a member of the Freehold of the Riverkeep. He fights all heavy weapons forms. He also make knives. He has a great love of cooking.

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